Firms that offer lawn care and basic landscape maintenance operations are a frequent startup each spring. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor, there have been 402,000 self-employed grounds maintenance employees in 2008. This amount continues to rise as the whole industry anticipates substantial growth during the next ten years. The report said that “more employees will be necessary to keep up with rising need for lawn care and landscaping services both from big associations and from different homeowners. ”

Homeowners that employ a new company to mow their lawn should request evidence that the company is properly insured to pay the liability for property damage and physical harm. This vulnerability will be dealt with under a normal general liability coverage and business automobile coverage. The company owner can provide from his insurance agency a ‘certificate of insurance’, and it is a current listing of the liability policies and limitations.

For brand new lawn care companies throughout the Nation, there are just four standard insurance policies to protect the Company enterprise:

1. General Liability Insurance – Injuries losses arising from actual or alleged bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury on company premises or arising from company operations.

2. Commercial Automobile Insurance – Pays losses for harm to company vehicles and trailers in addition to injury and property damage to others as a consequence of automobile liability when utilized for company functions.

3. Equipment Floater Insurance – Offers protection for equipment and tools by lots of ailments like theft.

4. Employees ‘ Compensation Insurance – Covers the cost of medical expenses and disability payments to workers that are hurt on the job and it’s needed by state governments.

You will find additional insurance policies to think about as the lawn care industry expands and the knots grow. For more information about these policies or those mentioned previously, visit, an informative insurance site solely for lawn care and landscaping companies.